Designed for agencies and tech providers whose clients want more than just email marketing

With increasingly complex digital communication requirements coming from brands, we know that your clients are looking for tools and platforms allowing for more than just email marketing. Built from the ground up for agencies and tech providers, Sprout allows you to deliver unique outcomes for multiple clients at scale. White-label branding, parent/child campaign approvals, real-world integrations with local vendors and flexible billing options are just the beginning.

“As an agency that works for and manages multiple clients, Sprout has allowed me one centralised cloud marketing solution which has seriously been a game changer! The platform is clean, easy and efficient to use. Even our new staff have taken to it easily, creating engaging beautiful campaigns.”

Chrissy Symeonakis Managing Director, Creative Little Soul

Agency features to tickle your fancy


Make it yours

Re-brand the interface to your liking and call it your own. Theme your clients' accounts with their logos and colour palettes.


Our price is fixed, yours is flexible

Not all clients are equal and one approach can't serve everybody. Sprout lets you create various pricing models based on specific client needs, with a fixed price and no percentage "cut".

Account Management

Advanced Multi-Account setup

Sprout gives you an advanced parent/child account structure allowing for various roles, permissions and users. Set permissions and access levels for partners, groups, multi-site brands, team members and anybody else involved with your campaigns. Re-brand, re-price, create roles and set draft campaign approval processes at any step of the way.


Parent / Child campaign approvals

Restrict your clients or team members from sending campaigns without approval from yourself, the parent account.


Integrations with local Australian companies – not just the big guys

Your clients have data sitting across multiple systems, many of which are local Australian tech vendors. Sprout gives you the ability to integrate data from major POS, CRM, Loyalty and other popular providers – not just major social networks.


Our team is your team

Our partner team comes with a vast array of knowledge, collateral and data insights, and can help you sell email, SMS, and automation tools to your clients. Ask us how we can deliver more value through documents, success stories and other sales materials.

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