Thousands of local and global integrations

Point of sale

Spend, Loyalty & Transaction Data

Syncing your point of sale data in to Sprout to gain access to sales, spend and loyalty allows you to talk to customers with precision based on their spend behaviour with your venue, brand or group. Understanding which customer has spent what amount, on which product, when and the frequency of this spend is important in setting the right marketing automation rules and triggers.


Visit and Booking Data

Integrating your reservation or booking system in to Sprout lets you talk to customers based on their frequency of visits or lack thereof. A customer used to be in often but haven't seen them in a while? Let Sprout trigger a 'we miss you' to them. Equally, find out additional information from the booking such as preferences, party-sizes and more to really tailor your message.


Walk-ins and Foot-Traffic Data

Your customers may arrive at your business without previous intentions. Engaging with these customers is crucial both both during their visit, but also after they leave. Syncing data from your WiFi tool allows you to capture visit data and speak to customers both as a thank-you immediately after they have left or in the near future.

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