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Beautiful Marketing Automation Paired With Powerful Online Ordering

Get an integrated Sprout and Mr Yum combo together at the same time!  Set up adaptable QR code ordering that your guests, managers, chefs and servers will love whilst creating a magical customer experience by leveraging your data and talking to customers at exactly the right time.


You can start a limited one-month free trial right now!

Flexible for any use-case

Mr Yum is completely web-based, meaning there’s no app for your customers to download. Thoughtfully designed for hospitality and entertainment, it’s a magical, frictionless experience for your customers and team.


Every customer touch-point is recorded and synced with Sprout allowing for powerful Email/SMS marketing automation to take place based on customer spend, preferences or history.

More Meaningful Interactions

Nothing can replace human interaction. Mr Yum frees up your team from transactional touch points like writing down orders, entering it into POS and taking payments.

Additionally, understanding your customers' purchasing habits allows for truly unique 1-to-1 conversations with customers. Haven't seen them in a while? Set a we-miss-you trigger to be sent if they haven't ordered in some time. Someone a vegetarian? No stress. Sprout's powerful customer journey builder will ensure that the right promos are sent to the right person at the right time.

Steps Ahead of Other Products

Not all mobile ordering platforms are created equal. Partner with a company that's moving fast and leading the way in product innovation - constantly releasing new, innovative features ahead of competitive products.

"Mr Yum is definitely the most customer friendly platform"

I have been exposed to a lot of ordering systems and been in the industry for a long time. Mr Yum is by far the best by a long mile.

Marianne Mewett

Aus Venue Co

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Stay ahead of the game with Sprout, the world's most powerful CRM and marketing automation platform for hospitality venues, together with Mr Yum, the fastest-moving QR code mobile ordering platform.

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