Why Sprout?

Every brand has customer data sitting in various tools, products, apps or platforms. Sprout joins all your customer data in the one single place to allow the best conversations to take place with your customers, all based on their specific life-cycle with your brand.

What’s next

Once all your customer data has been aggregated, it’s time to begin leveraging it to create rules, triggers and journeys allowing you to speak to the right person at the right time.


If this happens, then send that

If last visit is greater than x days, send a ‘we miss you’ message to that customer | If total spend last week is greater than x AND loyalty points are lower than y, send this | After a booking is made and completed, delay by 24 hours then send a ‘thank-you’ message with a feedback/survey | If birthday is in the next x days AND gender is female, send special ladies birthday offer for the upcoming month | If loyalty tier is less than x amount of points away from next tier, send a ‘nearly there’ message to the customer with an offer to visit, book or purchase to gain a tier | If customer has purchased more than x amount of this product, send a congratulations/you win message | If customer has visited in last 4 weeks OR total spend in last 6 months is greater than x, send special VIP invite to upcoming event | If customer has purchased more than x gift vouchers OR more than y tickets for shows in last 6 months, send this, otherwise send that | If customer is vegan, show this image and this text, if customer is non-veg, show this image with this text

The value of combining data sets from various sources and setting the right set of rules, conditions and triggers is that you are able to speak to a customer at the right time. Whether it’s high spenders, those we haven’t seen for a while or those which are valuable to us and we’d like to acknowledge, Sprout provides us with the perfect visual drag’n’drop automation builder to place customer engagement on autopilot.


Done-for-you integrations

Integrating with other platforms isn’t always easy. It requires access to a developer or engineer, equipped with the right technical knowledge on APIs, security and a good understanding of data fields and how they work between systems. So that you can feel confident in achieving results rather than setting up the infrastructure, our philosophy is that this must be a ‘done-for-you’ service so that can put you in the best position to begin capturing customer data, aggregating it and leveraging it via intelligent messaging and communication.

Account Management

We help you achieve your specific goals

The possibilities of who can receive which message and at what point in time is endless. You may not know where to start and that’s where we come in to guide you along the path of success, borrowing from inside knowledge on what thousands of marketers, venues and brands globally have worked on which has been successful. Being fortunate to sit in the middle of millions of campaigns and billions of messages, we’re able to study what works, what doesn’t, for which customer demographic and upon which conditions and criteria.

We’d love to share this knowledge with you.

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